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Youth Event Policies

Registration Deadlines
Registration deadlines are posted for most events. You must register online before the posted deadline to attend an event. You cannot show up to an event without being properly registered!  Any balance owed is due by the event.

All youth and adult participants at each event are expected to be present for that entire event. Any exceptions must be cleared in advance with
Diocesan Office.

Cancellation/Refund Policy
        *A full refund will be given for cancellations made three weeks (21 days) or more before the event.
        *No refund will be given for cancellations made less than three weeks (21 days) before the event.

Customer Service/Assistance
For assistance with online or paper registration, please contact the Diocesan Office toll-free at 877-394-5281ext. 10 or via email at

Adult Sponsors
FOR FALL YOUTH EVENT, CATHEDRAL LOCK IN, MIDDLE SCHOOL RETREAT, AND MARTIN LUTHER KING JR. DAY OF SERVICE, CONGREGATIONS ARE ASKED TO BRING AN ADULT SPONSOR (age 21 or older). Each congregation must bring one adult for every 1-5 youth, matching genders if possible. All sponsors must also complete a registration form and pay the appropriate fees. Sponsors are expected to stay in the cabins with the youth (for overnight events); see to the needs of the youth in their group (including transportation, behavioral, and physical, mental and spiritual well being); abide by event rules and the Community Covenant; encourage participation and participate themselves; and cooperate with conference coordinators, staff, and the other adults. Any adult or parent may attend a youth conference as a sponsor.

Medical Release Form
 FOR EACH EVENT (other than Martin Luther King Jr. Day of Service and Baccalaureate Service). This form will be completed when you register on line.

Money for Diocesan Youth Events is available for youth and adults in need. The fund is limited so we ask you to pay 1/3rd of the total yourself and obtain 1/3rd from your church. You must clear this with your priest first and you are responsible for seeing that it is paid. Once your 1/3rd and your church's 1/3rd have been received, along with the registration form, you will be considered registered. At that point the diocese will pay the other 1/3rd . Online registrants needing scholarship should contact the Youth Ministry Office before registering.  For more information
click here or contact the Diocesan Office.

Cellular Phones
Youth are only permitted to use their cell phones during breaks and free time as it can become distracting to the community time we have together. Parents/Guardians will be provided phone contact information for each event to leave messages for their child or to contact them in case of emergency.

Inclement Weather
In cases of inclement weather, check this website or call 877-394-5281 ext. 10 for updated information on postponements and/or cancellations.

All Diocesan Youth Events are open to visiting parents/guardians and clergy. Please contact
Diocesan Office before the event if you plan on visiting. You must also check in with the conference coordinators upon arriving at the event.

Youth events in the Diocese of New Jersey are open to all 6-12 grade youth (except where noted) regardless of religious affiliation, ethnic group, sex/gender, sexual orientation, nationality, or difference of ability.

Privacy Policy
All registration and financial information given by you to The Diocese of New Jersey, as well as correspondence between you and the Youth Ministry Office, are kept strictly confidential.  No information will ever be sold to or shared with any 3rd party.


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