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Scholarship/Financial Assistance

One of our goals is to make all youth events accessible and welcoming to all young people. In fact, a significant part of the Youth Department budget goes to offsetting the cost of youth events to keep them more affordable for all families and young people.

We also understand that some families may need further financial assistance for youth events. We NEVER want anyone to be excluded from a youth event for monetary reasons. If you have a need for financial assistance for a youth event, please consider participating in our Diocesan Scholarship Program.

The Diocesan Scholarship Program is a need-based program intended to help young people and their adult sponsors attend Diocesan Youth Events. Through it, when you register for a youth event(s), the Diocese pays 1/3rd of the total cost, your church pays 1/3rd of the total cost, and you are responsible for 1/3rd of the total cost.

All you have to do is contact the Youth Ministry Office before registering online, or if registering by mail, check the scholarship box on the registration form, get your priest to sign the form as well (thereby verifying your need), and then send in your payment and your church's payment. The Diocese will then pay for the final 1/3rd and that is it!

Here is an example:


Event Cost = $75.00

Through the Scholarship Program:

             The Diocese pays $25.00

             Your Church pays $25.00

            You pay $25.00

The Scholarship Program is available for every youth event and is open to 6-12 grade participants and their adult sponsors. This process is confidential and has no bearing on past or future events or registrations.

If you have any questions or concerns about the program, or need to work out a different arrangement, please contact
the Diocesan Office toll-free at 609-394-5281 ext. 10


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