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Required Safety Standards for Diocesan Youth Events
The following standards are observed at ALL Diocesan Youth Events

1. Above all, the physical and emotional safety of each person shall be honored and upheld.

2. On trips and at overnights, every young person and adult shall have these basic needs met: 

*Three substantial meals each full day

            *Continuous access to water and restrooms (and showers, when possible)

            *At least eight hours for sleep each 24-hour period

            *Some space each full day for rest or free time

            *Separate sleeping areas and restrooms for males and females

3. The Youth Department Community Covenant shall be honored by the staff and participants (youth and adult) at all events.

4. The youth to adult ratio must be between 4:1 and 6:1.

5. There will be an adult meeting at the beginning of any overnight event.  The Diocesan Youth/Young Adult Missioner will coordinate that meeting.

6. No adult shall be alone in private with a young person at the event.  If it is necessary for a young person and adult to have a private conversation, it must be done in a public and visible place.  A parent with his or her own child is an exception to this rule.

7. Adults must either have separate shower facilities or shower at other times than the youth.

8. In order to protect the community and to avoid situations that blur appropriate adult/youth boundaries, it is not appropriate for adults to:

            *Have youth sit in their laps (or to sit in a young person's lap)

            *Give piggyback rides

            *Give or receive massages with youth

            *Engage in snuggling or prolonged hugging with youth

            *Engage in wrestling or physical horseplay with youth

9. Only the event nurse or a child's own parent/guardian may administer medication to youth at youth events.

10. Any suspicion or allegation of abuse or neglect of a youth must be reported to the Diocesan Youth/Young Adult Missioner immediately.  If there is any reason to believe anyone's life is in imminent danger that must also be reported to the Diocesan Youth/Young Adult Missioner immediately.  The Diocesan Youth/Young Adult Missioner shall then report the suspicions/allegations, in an expeditious manner, to the New Jersey Department of Youth and Family Services and to the Diocesan Bishop according to the Sexual Misconduct: Prevention, Procedures, Resources manual of the Diocese of New Jersey.

11. All youth events shall be open to parents/guardians, clergy, and other appropriate visitors at all times.  Visitors are asked to make prior arrangements for their visit and must check in with the Diocesan Youth/Young Adult Missioner upon arrival.


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