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Welcome to the website for youth ministry in the Episcopal Diocese of New Jersey.  Thanks for stopping by!  A little about us...

The Diocese of New Jersey contains 149 Episcopal congregations in the lower 2/3s of the state of NJ (click here for a map).  Many of these congregations offer specific programs and opportunities for youth to actively participate in the life of the church.  In the spirit of supporting these youth ministry efforts, the Diocese of New Jersey offers a number of youth events within and beyond the Diocese. 

Diocesan Youth Events are open to ALL young people regardless of religious affiliation, ethnic group, sex/gender, sexual orientation, nationality, or difference of ability.  The purpose of these events is to bring young people together from across the Diocese to make new friends, learn about God, experience the grace of the Holy Spirit, and go out into the world practicing our baptismal call to be agents of peace and justice.  Events vary in length from a day to a week.  Their size varies from 30 to 200 people.  The age range for youth ministry in the Diocese is generally 6-12 grade.

Our events are gospel-centered - presented creatively in large group, processed in small discussion groups, experienced through games and fellowship, and proclaimed through various worship and music experiences.  Most events have a priest or group of priests who serve as spiritual directors.

Safety and health are the highest priorities at all of our youth events.  In addition to quality program, we always provide plenty of time for rest and sleep as well as hearty and healthy meals and snacks.  We have a mix of caring and committed adults at each youth event, always adhering to a 5:1 (or better) youth to adult ratio.  Each youth event is staffed from start to finish by a licensed nurse or EMT who sees to the healthcare needs of all participants.  All of these events are structured in compliance with our Required Safety Standards.  All participants are bound to honor the Community Covenant, which sets forth standards of behavior that provide for the safety and well being of the community.  Parents/Guardians are always given contact information and are permitted to visit or check in with their child if they desire.

In addition to events for young people, we make a concerted effort to always support the adults in the church who are in ministry with them.  Workshops, individual and group consulting, and this website are all important ways in which the Diocese of New Jersey faithfully supports adults who work with youth.  

Please feel free to browse the site and contact us if you have any questions or concerns!


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