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Community Covenant
In Christian community, we follow Jesus' teaching of loving God and our neighbor as ourselves.  This covenant is a holy contract to set expectations of behavior and treatment of each other for all youth events sponsored by the Episcopal Diocese of New Jersey.

1. All participants are expected to act in a manner that demonstrates mutual respect with appropriate dress, language, and behavior.

2. No particiipant  shall possess, use, or be under the influence of illegal drugs, drug paraphernalia, alcohol, or tobacco products during the event. Nicotine patches and gum may be used under the same guidelines as over-the-counter medication.

3. If there are sleeping areas, no one is allowed to enter sleeping areas of the opposite sex during the event.

4. No possession or use of firearms, knives (including pocketknives), fireworks, lighters/matches, or other weapons of any kind.

5. Acts of violence and aggression (verbal and physical) will not be tolerated.

6. The physical property of the facility and the property of each person at the event will be respected. Any pranks, practical jokes or mischievous acts may have said person banned from youth events, removed from youth council and they will be held responsible for all repair charges.

7. There will be no sexual activity, sexual misconduct, sexually inappropriate communication, or harassment.

8. No youth shall drive any vehicle (even their own) during the event.

9. All participants are expected to remain on premises, be present for all scheduled activities, and follow all rules set for the entire event.

10. Personal electronic devices (including mobile phones) are only to be used during designated times.

This Covenant helps provide for the physical, emotional, and spiritual safety of the whole community, and a violation of this covenant is damaging to the community. Violations will be dealt with in an immediate and appropriate manner by the Covenant Committee and/or Diocesan Youth/Young Adult Missioner. Possible consequences for serious or repeated offenses may include (but are not limited to) notification of one's parents/rector, and being sent home immediately at one's own expense and without refund.

January 2017


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