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Resource Book for Ministries with Youth and Young Adults
Episcopal Parish Services

Youth Specialties Resource Library
More than 3,000 games, Bible lessons, creative meeting, discussion & worship ideas, as well as special events and holiday ideas. $129.00 for the CD Rom, $223 for the 14-volume print edition. Individual books are $19.99 each.

Teaching the Bible Creatively
Bill McNabb and Steve Mabry, Youth Specialties.

No Supplies Required Games & Crowdbreakers
Group Publishing.

Have you ever, Would you rather, What if, Name Your Favorite, and Unfinished Sentences
Great for road trips, crowdbreakers, or discussion starters. Very affordable prices from Youth Specialties (they sell all 4 in a set or individually).

The Talk Sheets series (Talk Sheets, More Talk Sheets, Talk Sheets Psalms and Proverbs)
For both Jr. and Sr. High. Great discussion starters. Can be used for Bible Study, youth group meetings, or Sunday School curricula. - Youth Specialties (they sell by grade in sets of 3)

The Lorax, The Sneetches, and Oh, the Places You Will Go
By Dr. Seuss

All-Star Games from All-Star Youth Leaders
Organized into Icebreakers and Mixers, Cooperative and Competitive Games, Games that Make a Point, Off-the-Wall Games, Games for Special Days and Events. Games can be used as-is or adapted for your group. Published by Group.

The New Zealand Book of Common Prayer

Play It and
Play It Again
Zondervan Publishing.

The Access Bible
Oxford Publishing.  Probably the best study bible for use with young people. The commentary is great for teens.

Praying Our Stories
Daniel Ponsetto, St. Mary's Press.  A wonderful reflection book for professional youth workers whether they are paid or volunteer.

No More Lone Rangers: How to Build a Team-Centered Youth Ministry
David Chow, Group Publishing

Youth Ministry in Small Churches
Rick Chromey, Group Publishing

City Lights: Ministry Essentials for Reaching Urban Youth
Scott Larson and Karen Free, Group Publishing

Better Safe than Sued: Keeping Out of Trouble in Youth Ministry
Jack Crabtree, Group Publishing

A New Dictionary for Episcopalians
The Rev. John Wall, HarperCollins

A Brief History of the Episcopal Church
David Holmes, Trinity Press International

The Book of Uncommon Prayer
Steven Case, Youth Specialties

Training Youth for Dynamic Leadership
Group Publishing

Postmodern Youth Ministry
Tony Jones, Youth Specialties
Understanding the culture of Millennials and how to effectively minister to them

Soul Shaper: Exploring Spirituality and Contemplative Practices in Youth Ministry
Tony Jones, Youth Specialties


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